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Your wheels are the first place you should be looking at when it's time to upgrade your bike. Weight saved here reduces the static weight of your bike (what it feels like when you pick it up) and also has the added bonus of reducing its rotational weight (the lighter the rotational weight of your wheels the faster you can accelerate and easier it is to keep going uphill).
Here at Bromley Bike Co we have split our wheel selection into four catagories. The first two, Road wheels and Mountain wheels are factory or machine built wheels from some of the worlds best wheel manufacturers including Shimano, Mavic and DT.
The remaining catagories are reserved for hand built wheels. Only the very best components are used to build bespoke wheels specifically taylored to your needs. For the ultimate in bespoke wheels visit the custom wheelbuilds section. If you have a specific requirement, want something truely unique or want the wheel equivalent to a top of the range Savile Row suit then look no further!