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Mountain Bikes

Our range of mountain bikes is comprised exclusively of high performance brands that offer great value lower-end bikes, as well as top-end race machines. We stock Cannondale, Whyte, Santa Cruz and Yeti, Ridgeback, Kinesis amongst others. If you don't see a particular model from one of our stocked brands online, we should still be able to get hold of it. Feel free to call the shop for free impartial advice on choosing your ideal mountain bike.

Our Mountain Bikes have been divided into price breaks as an aid for you to find the exact products you require.

If you can't find what you are looking for please e-mail or telephone as we have a massive stockholding in our high street store. Click one of the links above to see the products within the section.
  • Why a Mountain Bike?
    A Mountain bike is designed to be ridden off road, the frame, riding position and the gearing are all designed around the concept of harder use and problems that occur when riding off road on uneven ground.

  • The Riding Position
    The riding position is different in that you are stretched out more than on other styles, this is to distribute the weight evenly between the front and rear wheels for grip and stability when going over uneven ground.If your'e not used to it it will feel that you want the handlebars to be higher.

  • The Frame
    The bike itself is made from bigger tubes, thus giving a stiffer and tougher frame, again for offroad use. The loads that a frame is likely to encounter are a lot greater due to the terrain and the fact that you will be hitting stones, rocks etc.
    Frame materials will typically be of Aluminium alloy or Steel alloy. Generally speaking bikes built from Aluminuim alloys will feel a lot lighter but will ride a lot harder; Steel alloys being flexier.
    Full suspension mountain bikes are made from Aluminium alloys almost without exception.

  • Gearing
    The gears will be lower on a mountain bike so that you can pedal fast and go slower over the ground enabling you to keep your balance and to negotiate the hills with reduced effort. There is a downside to low gears and that is when on the road you will find that you will be able to spin out the biggest gear, this can be changed at point of purchase but nowadays the manufacturers have put a larger gear on hence 8/9 speeds.