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Town and Hybrid Bikes

Our hybrid bikes are highly versatile, so are perfect for a range of tasks - from simple road and park run-around to high performance city commuter.

Whyte, Cannondale, Ridgeback and Kinesis should cater for every rider's needs.

Our Town Bikes have been divided into price breaks as an aid for you to find the exact products you require. If you can't find what you are looking for please e-mail or telephone as we have a massive stockholding in our high street stores. Click one of the links above to see the products within the section.

Intended Use
All Bikes in this section are designed to be ridden on the road or well surfaced tracks.

The Riding Position
This is more upright than on a Mountain bike and will initially feel more normal i.e.: Higher at the front with less pressure on the wrists. The overall position is with the handlebars and the saddle roughly level.

The Frame
Frames are made from smaller diameter tubing and have bigger diameter wheels. The frame angles are steeper and the bottom bracket(cranks)is lower than a mountain bikes, so the frame size you will ride will be larger. Frame materials will be of Steel or Aluminium alloy.

Town bikes or hybrids have a wide range of gears to get you up steep hills and down the other side quickly. Overall the gearing is higher than on a mountain bike and better suited to the road.