We made it more accurate than Drivo.We made it more stable than Drivo. We made it more responsive than Drivo. We made Drivo II
Drivo II is super precise (+-0.5% accuracy), has a wider support base, is faster and black!
Elite My E-Training Mobile&Desktop software free for 36 months.
Fully compatible with Zwift

The Elite Drivo II FE-C B+ Turbo Trainer adopts a direct drive system to ensure an optimum connection between bike and trainer, while the integrated OTS+ power meter accurately measures your Watts throughout training.

Generating an impressive 3,600 Watts at 60 KMPH, the Drivo II is suitable for the strongest of athletes, while a 6KG internal flywheel promotes smooth operation and significant resistance. Offering connectivity through ANT+ and Bluetooth, the trainer can be quickly and easily paired with a host of devices, allowing you to train interactively on Zwift’s immersive software.

The folding legs not only make for neat storage but also provide a wide stance to ensure stability throughout the toughest of efforts. Compatible with 9, 10 and 11-speed Shimano cassettes and 130, 135 and 142x12 axles, this versatile trainer can be paired with the majority of modern bikes.